Reasons for Increase in Timber Prices in 2019

2018 and 2019 saw the increase in timber prices by up to 80%.
There were many reasons that triggered this increase.
Ukraine banned the export of timber
Demand for wood in the construction sector
Increase in industrial production, growth of economy
Wooden pallets and wooden crates, crate (wooden packaging) sector growth
The most important reason for the increase in all forest products, mainly wood pallets, is due to the fact that the timber export of timber exports, in order to be able to export more value added, by decreasing the timber export of Ukraine. Similar approaches are raw materials has primarily in countries that imported timber and timber as yapılabilmektedir.b case Turkey by many countries, construction lumber prices, wooden pallets price of lumber prices, Woodworking deleted hardwood lumber prices and wooden paneling rates, therefore, has led to an increase in prices of all forest products.
An important reason is that the construction sector has increased the choice of timber as a building material and the choice of timber as a building material. It is more preferable because of its naturalness and visuality of wood and timber. Although it seems to be stable in the construction sector, the demand for wood timber resulting from the large volume it has reached continues.
Overall finds high growth of 11.1% in the last quarter of 2017 Turkey's economy especially in the economic field present in all wood, lumber, OSB, plywood, paneling, construction lumber, raised wooden euro pallet timber demands.
Wooden pallets, wooden cases, wooden cases in the wooden packaging industry, we mentioned above due to the growth of the economy of the companies, which is the most basic need in the logistics chain, they use as a very basic tool in the wooden pallet timber, wooden pallets increased the demand for. increase in demand for cp pallets and standard demands such as 80 × 120 and 100 × 120, wood pallet timber prices, hence, timber prices and thus timber, deleted timber timber, lambiri, etc. caused.
A basic need that facilitates logistic handling by placing the products of each firm on the wooden pallets. The rapid increase in timber prices did not provide a similar increase in the prices of timber pallets, resulting in profitability and raw material procurement problems. It is necessary for both the supplier and the customer to balance the price of timber to the customers with transparency and to balance the prices of sustainable wooden pallets for everyone.
Our theme is that the increase in timber prices in 2018 is at reasonable levels. Other than that, the wood sector in 2018 will be challenging especially for the wooden pallet sector.


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