Euro Palette Development Story

The emergence of the euro pallet was primarily meant to meet a basic need. It is called the mother of the invention, and it is often simple, but beneficial, that makes the world a more simple and functional place.
1 Pallet with tray
Towards the emergence of 2 Euro pallets:
The emergence of the euro pallet was primarily meant to meet a basic need. It is called the mother of the invention, and it is often simple, but beneficial, which makes the world a more simple and functional place. In other words, a simple and utilitarian view of innovations and Wooden pallets are used all over the world as a simple but elegant solution brought by a similar view.
Palladium Pallet
Wooden Pallets were found for hundreds of years around us, somehow, or elsewhere, and were originally used to store barrels or kegs containing food and drinks. These early prototypes were called sleds. But their design was good enough to be carried easily, and even today the primitive structure is preserved.
In the late 1800s, wooden pegs in the US factories were the pioneers of wooden pallets, used in factories and handled by a machine-pioneer of the forklift.
In 1909, a simple forklift truck with a steel body was invented and this machine had an elevator platform but still had no forks.
These machines were continuously developed in 1937 until the invention of a gas-powered high forklift. With the invention of forklifts, high-cavity vehicles have been stacked vertically, offering more efficient loading, storage facilities in warehouse and distribution centers.
Towards the emergence of the Euro pallet:
Primitive sled pallets gradually began to adapt to the new technology. Forklift Between the loads, spacers have been added to allow the forks to come in and out, making it easy and easy to stack. In the end, sub-board boards were added to create what we see as modern pallets. This has two main advantages: the weight distribution and the more evenly distributed and spring-loaded collapse are significantly reduced.
World War II played an important role in the development of wooden pallets, especially in the logistics areas, which were responsible for transporting materials to the world's unions on an unprecedented scale. Shorter turnaround times of the forklifl were needed around the pallets, and this small, but extremely effective, little change was made by the US Navy Soldier Corps officer Norman Cahners, who made a wooden pallet with four directions. doubled the time of handling the wooden pallet cargo by doubling. In addition, the pallet dimensions were standardized to further increase the storage capacity.
 Extraction of Euro Pallet
After the war, millions of pallets were produced from the war process, so most of them were destroyed. However, some forward-thinking businesses, such as national railways, knew the value of efficient trade. They saw wood pallets as an effective and cost-effective means of transporting and storing goods to increase world trade. This caused problems in storage environments where standardization was vital for efficient transport and storage.
In the 1960s, European railway companies collaborated to create standard pallets throughout Europe, which form the basis of the Euro pallet we know today. This new standardized pallet allowed rail freight wagons to load 90% faster than previously, and led to a trade boom in the economies of all major European countries. Due to concerns about low quality copies, the European Pallet Association (EPA) governing body was established in 1991 for quality regulation.
Today there are about 500 million Euro pallets in the world and they serve as the most important infrastructure of international trade from Brazil to China. Although we don't care about the modest wooden palette, it plays an invaluable role in providing every comfort that makes our lives easier.


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