Paving Stone and Briquette Machine Pallets

Concrete paving stone machine pallets which must have the characteristics: conditions unpretentious, durable and cheap. The material in which it is made must transmit vibration, keep it in shape and must be resistant to moisture.
Is there an ir ideal den structure and what should be expected from the actual manufacturing pallets?
In our company, production pallets made of wood material for the concrete paving stone machine and briquette machine can be purchased.
Technological polymer pallets are resistant to moisture, can also be used for curing rooms
Can be used in wood with a moisture content of less than 60% (standard humidity in summer is 80%)
The polymer product evenly transmits the mechanical vibrations of the concrete paving stone machine during its lifetime
The wooden structure retains the incoming vibration transmission and must be renewed in two years due to its strength reduction.
Polymer retains its shape and integrity during the use of the pallet
Wood cracks and becomes dry due to temperature / humidity
Resistant to polymer vapor, this concrete paving machine can also be used for bu curing ines manufacturing pallets
Steam causes timber to wear out quickly
The lifetime of the polymer pallet is 2880 cycles (pressing)
The usage time of the wooden pallet is 720 cycles (pressing)
Polymer conditions are unpretentious, no special treatment required
Wood preservative impregnation and special storage conditions


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